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Privacy policy

Collection and use of personal information


The ‘EXIT SPORT’ is entitled to collect personal information disclosed by the Customer. The ‘EXIT SPORT’ does not disclose the Customer personal information to the third parties, with the exception of information required for provision of transport service. The ‘EXIT SPORT’ shall also have a right to use the Customer’s personal information in their economic activity to communicate advertising and other information to the Customer. The Customer shall have a right to ban collection and use of their personal information, except for a case when it is required for claim recovery under the Contract or execution of the Contract.

The safety of payment via bank link is protected by SSL security protocol, which ensures that no unauthorized people can eavesdrop or amend the information.

The Payment Centre keeps the Customer’s card information secured and never shares it with merchants or third parties. Any information accessible by a merchant shall be restricted with the Customer’s e-mail, type of card (e.g. Visa or MasterCard) and the last two digits from the card number.

The ‘Maksekeskus AS’ is a service provider that conforms with the PCI-DSS requirements, which offers the payment solutions, incl. mediation of payments made by Visa and MasterCard between merchants operating in the European Union and other service providers.
Recording of card information is only performed via the secure SSL connection, and neither a merchant nor third parties have full access to complete information.