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Warranty & returns

A right of the Customer to replace ordered goods
The Customer has a right to replace of ordered goods in case of the size nonconformity for an article of a suitable size and the same colour. The Customer pays for a postal service of a replaced product delivery.

A right of the Customer to withdraw their order
The Customer may withdraw from a sale-and-purchase contract, entered on a basis of order, during 14 days from delivery of the goods to the Customer (VÕS § 56 subsection 1). The returned goods have to be unused and in the same form and packing as when they were sold. The returned goods should be packed into the postal packing, i.e. sales packing of a product cannot have any postal stickers or etiquettes. The Customer shall pay for a postal service of the returned goods.

The ‘EXIT SPORT’ shall reimburse to the Customer payments made for an order to the bank account indicated by the Customer within 30 days from receipt of the returned goods by the ‘EXIT SPORT’ (VÕS § 56 subsection 3). Postal costs are non-refundable.

The ‘EXIT SPORT’ stresses that a transfer of the refund to the Customer’s account may delay as it depends on the time of the banking transfers. Unfortunately, the ‘EXIT SPORT’ is unable to influence such process.

To cancel order, please, send an e-mail on the address tellimus@exitsport.ee , specifying a name of the ordered product, number of bill, date of payment and reason for return.

Warranty terms and conditions & pretensions
The ‘EXIT SPORT’ gives the after-sales guarantee within the scope and validity provided by the law on all goods sold by them, that is valid on the territory of the Estonian Republic; for the use of the rights thereafter it is required to apply to the ‘EXIT SPORT’, sending an e-mail to the address tellimus@exitsport.ee, specifying a name of the ordered product, number of bill, date of payment and pretensions.

If defects are detected, the customer shall be entitled to the free repair of the product. If, regardless of repeated repair, a defect fails to be eliminated, the Customer is entitled to demand the replacement of goods. If no replacement of goods is possible, the Customer shall have a right to withdraw from the Contract. The guarantee shall not come into effect if a defect was caused by the wrong use or normal wear. A precondition for realization of the Customer’s rights under the guarantee is availability of the original bill attached to the order. In addition to the rights under the guarantee, the Customer has other rights under the law.


Return address:
A&A Develop OÜ / Exit Sport
Laki 30
12915, Tallinn
Tel. 6419 099


Pakiautomaadi asukoht: Tallinna Mustika Prisma
Telefon: 5652223


Pakiautomaadi asukoht: Tallinna Mustika Prisma
Telefon: 5652223