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Terms and conditions

1.1. Validity

The present conditions shall apply to the sale-and-purchase contracts (hereafter: ‘Contract’) on goods ordered on the web page www.exitsport.ee.ee of the A&A DEVELOP OÜ company (hereafter: the ‘EXIT SPORT’), concluded between the ‘EXIT SPORT’ and a person ordering goods (hereafter: ‘Customer’ or ‘Buyer’) during the term of validity of the present conditions.

This version of the purchase order conditions is valid from 01.09.2016 until a next version of the purchase order conditions of the ‘EXIT SPORT’ Internet catalogue will be published on the ’EXIT SPORT’ web page www.exitsport.ee.

1.2. Entry into force of the contract

As a rule, a customer order shall be deemed to be an offer to enter a sale-and-purchase contract for the ordered goods within the meaning of the Law of Obligations Act. The ‘EXIT SPORT’ is not obligated to inform the Customer separately about their agreement with the order. The ‘EXIT SPORT’ is deemed to have agreed with the order when they begin to execute an order. A bill shall be communicated to the Customer electronically as a confirmation of the order.

1.3. Delivery time

The ‘EXIT SPORT’ shall begin to execute an order upon a receipt of payment to the banking account of the ‘EXIT SPORT’.

Orders delivered on public holidays and weekends are handled during a next working day.

Delivery term depends on the Customer’s domicile and a way of transport selected by the Customer. For more details, visit: Transport information.

Delivery terms, mentioned above, are indicative and may depend on circumstances beyond a reasonable control of the ‘EXIT SPORT’! The ‘EXIT SPORT’ shall not be held responsible for delays in delivery terms mentioned above, that were caused by processes of a channel organising delivery or other circumstances under control of the third parties.

1.4. Price and way of payment

Prices of products displayed on the Internet web page www.exitsport.ee of the ‘EXIT SPORT’ are indicated in Euro and include the value added tax (20%) of the Estonian Republic.

In the event that a domestic order within Estonia is less than 50€ (fifty Euro), a shipping fee shall be added to a cost of ordered products, the amount of which depends on a way of transport selected by the Customer. To an order, a value of which is 50€ (fifty Euro) or more, a shipping fee shall not be added regardless of a way of transport selected by the Customer.


A shipping fee shall be added to a cost of ordered products if an order to Finland, Sweden, Latvia and Lithuania is less than 120€ (one hundred and twenty Euro), the amount of which depends on a way of transport selected by the Customer. To an order, a value of which is 120€ (one hundred and twenty Euro) or more, a shipping fee shall not be added regardless of a way of transport selected by the Customer.


To an order to other European countries, a value of which is less than 250€ (two hundred and fifty Euro), a shipping fee shall be added, the amount of which depends on a way of transport selected by the Customer. To an order, a value of which is 250€ (wo hundred and fifty Euro) or more, a shipping fee shall not be added regardless of a way of transport selected by the Customer.


Find the prices for ways of transport to different countries here: Transport information

There are following opportunities to pay for orders on the ‘EXIT SPORT’ web page www.exitsport.ee :

Via bank link
You may pay immediately via bank link (SEB and SWEDBANK). To pay via bank link, after confirmation of order, click on a relevant bank link and proceed with payment. When paying via bank link make sure to press on the "back to merchant" icon so that information about a payment could reach our system automatically.

Via the Payment Centre, the following bank links are available:
-Estonia: Nordea, Danske, LHV and Krediidipank

By credit card
Via the Payment Centre, you can pay by Visa, MasterCard or Maestro card.
After execution of order, you will be directed for payment into the secure environment of the Payment Centre. There is a pre-filled payment order available, which also contains an amount due.

By transfer
After confirmation of order, a bill of order is displayed. A copy of bill shall be also sent on your e-mail address so that you may print it out and pay when convenient by transfer in the Internet bank or at bank office. When paying by bank transfer, make sure to note a number of a bill of order in the explanatory entry and send confirmation of payment on the e-mail address tellimus@exitsport.ee. It will speed up execution of order.

If 2 days passed after confirmation of order but no payment has been transferred to a banking account of the ‘EXIT SPORT’, a reservation for products contained in an order shall be cancelled and the ‘EXIT SPORT’ cannot guarantee availability of product in the warehouse in case of a later payment.

1.5. Delivery of goods

A term and way of delivery depend on the Customer domicile and way of transport selected by the Customer. Find more details here: Transport information.

The ‘EXIT SPORT’ cannot accept a wish of the Customer to cancel their order and withdraw orders directed for execution after a shipment of goods (i.e. in case, products were shipped to the Customer, the Customer has to bear the shipment costs, and in case of product nonconformity, only ordinary 14-day-right to withdraw from a contract shall apply).

1.6. A right of the Customer to replace ordered goods

The Customer has a right to replace of ordered goods in case of the size nonconformity for an article of a suitable size and the same colour. The Customer pays for a postal service of a replaced product delivery.


1.7. A right of the Customer to withdraw their order

The Customer may withdraw from a sale-and-purchase contract, entered on a basis of order, during 14 days from delivery of the goods to the Customer (VÕS § 56 subsection 1). The returned goods have to be unused and in the same form and packing as when they were sold. The returned goods should be packed into the postal packing, i.e. sales packing of a product cannot have any postal stickers or etiquettes. The Customer shall pay for a postal service of the returned goods.

The ‘EXIT SPORT’ shall reimburse to the Customer payments made for an order to the bank account indicated by the Customer within 30 days from receipt of the returned goods by the ‘EXIT SPORT’ (VÕS § 56 subsection 3). Postal costs are non-refundable.

The ‘EXIT SPORT’ stresses that a transfer of the refund to the Customer’s account may delay as it depends on the time of the banking transfers. Unfortunately, the ‘EXIT SPORT’ is unable to influence such process.

To cancel order, please, send an e-mail on the address tellimus@exitsport.ee , specifying a name of the ordered product, number of bill, date of payment and reason for return.

1.8. Delay in execution of the ‘EXIT SPORT’ order

The ‘EXIT SPORT’ is deemed to be in delay in execution and therefore significantly in breach of the contract within the meaning of VÕS § 116 subsection 2 after a lapse of 7 days from the day when an order should have been executed.

1.9. A right of the ‘EXIT SPORT’ to withdraw from the contract

The ‘EXIT SPORT’ shall have a right to withdraw from a sale-and-purchase contract concluded on a basis of an order if they are out of stock of the ordered goods. The Customer shall be informed about the case by e-mail at the earliest opportunity. In such case, the pre-payments paid by the Customer are deemed to be returned without delay, but not later than within 14 days to a banking account provided by the Customer.

1.10. Guarantee terms and conditions & pretensions

The ‘EXIT SPORT’ gives the after-sales guarantee within the scope and validity provided by the law on all goods sold by them, that is valid on the territory of the Estonian Republic; for the use of the rights thereafter it is required to apply to the ‘EXIT SPORT’, sending an e-mail to the address tellimus@exitsport.ee, specifying a name of the ordered product, number of bill, date of payment and pretensions.


If defects are detected, the customer shall be entitled to the free repair of the product. If, regardless of repeated repair, a defect fails to be eliminated, the Customer is entitled to demand the replacement of goods. If no replacement of goods is possible, the Customer shall have a right to withdraw from the Contract. The guarantee shall not come into effect if a defect was caused by the wrong use or normal wear. A precondition for realization of the Customer’s rights under the guarantee is availability of the original bill attached to the order. In addition to the rights under the guarantee, the Customer has other rights under the law.

1.11. Collection and use of personal information

The ‘EXIT SPORT’ is entitled to collect personal information disclosed by the Customer. The ‘EXIT SPORT’ does not disclose the Customer personal information to the third parties, with the exception of information required for provision of transport service. The ‘EXIT SPORT’ shall also have a right to use the Customer’s personal information in their economic activity to communicate advertising and other information to the Customer. The Customer shall have a right to ban collection and use of their personal information, except for a case when it is required for claim recovery under the Contract or execution of the Contract.


The safety of payment via bank link is protected by SSL security protocol, which ensures that no unauthorized people can eavesdrop or amend the information.

The Payment Centre keeps the Customer’s card information secured and never shares it with merchants or third parties. Any information accessible by a merchant shall be restricted with the Customer’s e-mail, type of card (e.g. Visa or MasterCard) and the last two digits from the card number.

The ‘Maksekeskus AS’ is a service provider that conforms with the PCI-DSS requirements, which offers the payment solutions, incl. mediation of payments made by Visa and MasterCard between merchants operating in the European Union and other service providers.

Recording of card information is only performed via the secure SSL connection, and neither a merchant nor third parties have full access to complete information.

1.12. Disclaimer

The ‘EXIT SPORT’ shall be only liable for a breach of the contract and/or damage caused through gross negligence or intention. The ‘EXIT SPORT’ shall not be held liable, inter alia for any potential printing mistakes.


The ordering terms and conditions hereunder and sale-and-purchase contracts of the ‘EXIT SPORT’ are regulated by the law of the Estonian Republic. Should any of the provisions of the ordering terms and conditions be void, it affects no validity of the ordering terms and conditions hereunder or sale-and-purchase contracts. Void provision shall be replaced with a legitimate provision which most closely corresponds to a void provision legally and economically.


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