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BAILA mängukaardid

Brand: BAILA
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BAILA is a unique social- and party game.

This cardgame is played with at least three people and each player should have an individual drinks. An empty glass is placed in the middle of the table and the cards around it upside down. Whoever takes a card gets a task.

There are 14 different rules in a card game and some simple one are like "Men drink", "Women drink", "You drink", "Choose, who drinks" and many others. Some more fun and complicated cards are for example the "Rules" card, where you need to think of a rule, how to drink. Another one is the "Chin King", where you have the right to hold your chin at what ever time during the game and everybody else has to do the same. Who ever is last has to drink.

The goal of the game (if one preferes to consume alcohol) is not to get as meny people as much drunk as possible :) We want to bring people more positive experience in the daily life.